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Q. What is the most reliable and/or easiest to maintain and/or cheapest way to backup the client data on my Mac? October 20, 2006

Posted by selkowitz in Backup, Q and A.

A. Backups are a tough question no matter the platform. You have to evaluate how much changes each day, how much total storage is needed, how much user interaction you want, how fast a recovery you need, cost, and many other factors.

If you have .Mac service the Backup application that comes with it is great and can do online, CD/DVD and external drive backups.

iBackup (free) is an excellent backup program suitable for backing up to external hard drives.

Apple’s Leopard (10.5  – coming in the spring) has an integrated backup called Time Machine, which is an automated backup to external hard drive. It has without a doubt the most intuitive interface I’ve ever seen and generally a seemingly good backup strategy.

Lastly Mirra is a backup appliance which can automatically backup your files on multiple machines over the network. It can also sync files between machines.


Q. How do I burn a CD on a mac so that it can be viewed on a PC? October 19, 2006

Posted by selkowitz in Q and A.
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A. To be honest this comes as a surprise this doesn’t work with Apple’s built in burning – but I never use it to test that out! You need to burn what’s called a Hybrid CD which has both a Mac and PC filesystem (Macs can read PC filesystems, but not vice versa). Burn does a great job of burning a variety of types of disks and is free/OSS.