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Q. What is the most reliable and/or easiest to maintain and/or cheapest way to backup the client data on my Mac? October 20, 2006

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A. Backups are a tough question no matter the platform. You have to evaluate how much changes each day, how much total storage is needed, how much user interaction you want, how fast a recovery you need, cost, and many other factors.

If you have .Mac service the Backup application that comes with it is great and can do online, CD/DVD and external drive backups.

iBackup (free) is an excellent backup program suitable for backing up to external hard drives.

Apple’s Leopard (10.5  – coming in the spring) has an integrated backup called Time Machine, which is an automated backup to external hard drive. It has without a doubt the most intuitive interface I’ve ever seen and generally a seemingly good backup strategy.

Lastly Mirra is a backup appliance which can automatically backup your files on multiple machines over the network. It can also sync files between machines.


I Love Mirra June 17, 2006

Posted by selkowitz in Backup.
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I love Mirra. There, I said it. How many women I dated didn't think I had it in me. 

Mirra is a backup appliance, just plug it in the network, install software on your Mac or PC, pick folders, and Mirra does the rest. Mirra technically isn't perfect as the data is stored onsite, but the reality is few homes or small businesses back up and an affordable, high capacity, automated onsite backup is way better than nothing. 
Of course you can buy Mirra at selkowitz.com