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MacBook Impressions June 22, 2006

Posted by selkowitz in Uncategorized.

I’ve had a black MacBook for a few days now and have many impressions to share. In general the system is very slick, fast, attractive, fast…did I mention fast?

Out of the box the system helps move everything over from your old Mac (OS X only) which works very well. Surprisingly it didn’t bring over my VPN connections though. Aside from that, quite flawless. Performance right off the bat was poor though – it had migrated a bunch of autoloading PowerPC applications which run slower since this is an Intel Mac. Once those were removed/updated the system was significantly faster.

For the first day I ran on the stock 512MB RAM, which is less than fun for someone who runs a dock full of apps all the time. I dared not even try Parallels. The machine was however snappy with a few Universal apps open.

One thing I noticed off the bat was amazing WiFi range. I’m seeing more networks and far better strength than with my older 12″ Powerbook.

Once I got my 2GB Edge RAM upgrade installed (easy as pie) I was VERY happy with performance. This thing is fast. Damn fast. Even fast when running Windows XP in Parallels.

The screen is great, I was a bit concerned about the glossiness, but its just perfect. Not so glossy that it always has glare (Sony) but easier to read and more vibrant than my Samsung desktop LCD.

All in all I definitely love the machine and think its the best laptop for most people under $1500. Though I always recommend AppleCare which adds $249 but extends warranty and support to 3 years.

If you’re looking to buy a new Mac, I highly recommend them over PCs. Email me to get 5% off your new Mac.



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