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Funny Answers to Serious Questions May 12, 2006

Posted by selkowitz in Business.
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A funny thing I've learned is serious business questions don't always require serious business replies. People call me on the phone all the time and the question of our rates often comes up. My answer: "as much as possible." Most people will laugh, the conversation gets less serious and we start building a relationship instead of getting judged by their list of questions.

Ultimately you should give the serious answer afterwards, but now the rate is a relief because their expectations were humorously set very high! 


Just when you think everything works together… May 12, 2006

Posted by selkowitz in Software.
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Long ago software caused conflicts left and right. With the advent of modern operating systems and software standards we've come to expect a world where software plays nicely with each other. 

Turns out ACT! and Microsoft Office 2003 didn't realize what millennium we're in. If you have Outlook 03 with the Business Contact Manager installed, it royally messes up ACT!'s ability to do all sorts of things. Why? Sounds like something to do with the Microsoft Desktop Database Engine. The cure? Don't use both. 

When will they learn to just make stuff that works?